Becoming One

Premarital Class

Becoming One is a premarital/marriage class here at Trinity. This class is led by our Senior Pastor Chris Singer. Pastor Singer is a licensed trainer for Prepare-Enrich Assessments and has worked with nearly 100 couples each year, for over ten years, helping them prepare for, and grow in marriage. This class is for anyone on the marriage spectrum from “seriously dating” to already married.

Taking this class will allow you as couple an opportunity to dive deeper into your relationship. During this class you will discuss a wide variety of topics, which will open up the lines of communication between you and your partner. Questions that maybe you two have never thought to ask, but are important topics to be addressed.

Classes are virtual consisting of 10 lessons that take approximately 8 hours to complete.  You can complete the lessons at your own pace. Once completed, the couple will then participate in a 45-minute Zoom conversation with Pastor Singer.

The cost is $75.