Join a Group for our Next Campaign

We’re inviting you to join a new group for our upcoming fall campaign, Ready, Set, Go!  We’ll be learning to tell our stories and God’s story in way that comes natural to you and is interesting to others.

Registration is now open and the campaign launches September 17 – October 22.  This is a a short commitment of 6 weeks that could have a lifelong impact.

Together is Better

Imagine a place where you can find an instant connection, have a meaningful conversation about faith and life, and simply be you.  Sounds pretty great, right?  Most of us struggle to grow in our discipleship.  We think of it as going to another Bible study or lecture from the pastor.  But what if discipleship could take place simply by being around other disciples?  We believe that when you spend time with other Christians, the Christ in them rubs off on you and the Christ in you rubs off on them, and an amazing thing happens – we all grow in our faith.

What is a Grow Group?

Together is Better

Most Grow Groups meet in homes to study God’s Word, share the joys and challenges of life, and grow in faith.  Every group agrees to the Grow Group covenant and essentials:

The Word of God – Forming the foundation of our time together.

Acceptance – Receiving each member unconditionally without judgement.

Confidentiality – Trusting each other for a safe place to share.

Growth – Becoming More like Christ.


Outcomes: Love, Safety, Challenge, Transformation