How Can Your Church Become a Partner?


Many congregations have partnering with VISION FOR KENYA and we pray for many more leading into the future. Here are a few options for partnering together as a church:

2. Looker/Seeker Level- Curious

The first step most likely will be to check out the mission program by going on a mission trip with a mentor congregation.  Trips may be available for up to three members from your congregation for the price of the airfare at the time of the trip. You will be part of a team and will be expected to participate in manning the clinic and performing clinic assignments alongside the others.. Orientation and training will be provided. The only other requirements are to have a valid passport and be current on your immunizations.

2. Participant Level – Come & Learn

You have been on a mission trip and you and several members from your congregation are excited and want to get further involved … GREAT! A mentor church will be very happy to provide help in the form of presentations at your church, assistance in helping you to recruit additional missionaries and suggestions on fund raising if necessary. The total current cost runs approximately $3,200.00 per missionary and includes equipment and consumable supplies plus in-country expenses such as lodging, transportation, two meals per day, health insurance while traveling, etc. Your mentor church will provide a leader for your group. Many congregations have participated by splitting the cost with the missionaries from their church, and/or various fund raisers have been held to generate funds to help reduce the burden on the total cost of $3,200.00. If your home congregation is small and cannot provide a full team for future trips, you may choose to remain at this level or join together with another congregation in your area to advance to the next level of participation.

3. Partnership Level- Go and DO

Your congregation has been on a couple of mission trips and you are ready to adopt an Evangelical Lutheran Church of Kenya congregation/location and commit to returning to Kenya for three to five years. You will have your own leader(s) and feel motivated to make a longer term commitment. As a Partner congregation you will begin to acquire the equipment and inventory necessary to minister to the vision needs of your Kenyan location. As in the past, your mentor congregation will be there to assist and advise as you prepare for becoming a full partner in the VISION FOR KENYA.

4. Mentor Congregation – Recruit and Train Others

Many of the partner congregations have found the blessings they received from ongoing mission trips have spilled over into their local membership as the Holy Spirit becomes very active here at home. Several partner congregations have felt called to assist other congregations to experience the joy and benefits from becoming part of VISION FOR KENYA and have extended their reach and help to other congregations. If you feel called to become a mentor congregation all the other mentors will be there to assist you in planning and implementing a mentoring program in your church. There will be additional financial and volunteer requirements but God has always been there to provide the needed resources when it is His will for you to become involved.