What are Kids Grow Groups?

WHEN: Wednesdays, September 18-October 30 from 6-8pm
WHO: 3 year olds to 6th graders
COST: $30

When some people hear the word “worship,” they think of church buildings, or hymns, or special rituals. To some people, worship sounds pretty boring. But that’s not at all how God talks about worship! In the pages of Scripture, we discover that worship is so much bigger than what happens at church — and it’s definitely not boring. Worship is a party! And it’s a party we’re all invited to attend. In this series, kids will be invited to worship God both at church and at home as they learn that we can worship God through prayer, we can worship God by living for Him, we can worship God even during hard times, we can worship God out loud, and we’re all invited to Jesus’ party.

Kids 3 years old to 6th grade are “invited” to join us as we begin to truly “worship” Jesus! Grow groups are 7 weeks, September 18-October 30 from 6-8pm. The fee includes dinner (we will rotate pizza and chicken tenders) and a craft (for our younger kiddos).

We also need some adult volunteers to help us share Jesus with these kiddos. Join us by becoming part of our Kids’ Grow Group volunteer team. Fill out the form online or contact Jayanne for more information: martinj@trinityklein.org.