Grow Groups & First Communion

For the winter of 2020, Kids Ministry is offering two special events on Wednesdays: Grow Groups and First Communion.

3 year olds – 4th graders have 1 option:

  1. Kids Grow Groups: January 22 – February 19, 2020

For 5th & 6th graders have 3 options:

  1. Kids Grow Groups Only: January 22 – February 5, 2020
  2. First Communion Only: February 12 & 19, 2020
  3. Grow Groups & First Communion: January 22 – February 19, 2020

Double Dog Dare

Kids Grow Groups

Join us Wednesday evenings from 6-7:45 pm. Kids will be challenged to obey God even when others don’t, even we we don’t understand, by putting God first, and by turning away from sin.

3 Year Olds – 4th Graders
Wednesdays, January 22 – February 19, 2020
$25 per child

5th – 6th Graders*
Wednesdays, January 22 – February 5, 2020
$15 per child
* You have the option of registering for First Communion while registering for Grow Groups.

NOTE: 5th & 6th graders only attend Grow Groups from January 22 to February 5. First Communion will meet additional days. The $15 covers the cost of Grow Groups only; it doesn’t cover the cost of First Communion.

We need volunteers for the Kids Grow Groups. Please prayerfully consider being a volunteer.

First Communion

A Faith Milestone

5th & 6th graders can complete the Faith Milestone of First Communion on Wednesdays evenings from 6-7:45pm on February 12 & 19, 2020. Students and their parents will attend class together. Parents will be taking an active role in helping instruct their child in the meaning of the Sacrament of Holy Communion. Students will be instructed in:

  • The origin of the Lord’s Supper and its roots in the Passover
  • The meaning of Holy Communion
  • The importance of living a forgiving and forgiven life

WHEN: Wednesdays, February 12 & 19 from 6-7:45pm
 $55, includes dinner for all attendees, First Communion Journal, and chalice
MANDATORY: All parents must attend a mandatory meeting on Sunday, February 2, at 9:50am. Parents will receive journals and important information about the class. This meeting is just for parents.
REGISTRATION: You can register for the First Communion class by itself OR while registering your 5th or 6th grader for Grow Groups.
NOTE: If your child has not been baptized, please contact Jayanne Martin via martinj@trinityklein.org PRIOR to registering.