The Shepherd King

Join us as we explore the man after God’s own heart, King David. King David is a critical character in the Old and New Testaments, but perhaps you’ve never realized just how important he is. From his meteoric rise from nobody shepherd boy to king, and through his great failures, discover timeless truths about our God, our faith, and the lives we live. Discover why so much of the Old Testament is dedicated to his life and works, and why even in the New Testament this shepherd king continues to be influential in our faith.

We have several ways for you to participate in this unique study of King David. Pick and choose as many ways that suit you. How can you participate?

  1. Join the Sunday Bible study at 10:30am CT either via Zoom or in person in the MS Gym.
  2. Watch Grow Group videos and discuss provided questions.
  3. Read daily devotionals.

Grow Group Videos

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