Everywhere Is Here - Spring 2019

Together is Better

Everywhere is Here Growgroup series is an exploration and study on the Priesthood of All Believers.  Far too often we fail to recognize the full potential and power of God’s people when they engage in His mission and ministry through the local church.  In this study, you will discover the basis for the Priesthood of All Believers and consider ways that you can become involved in every member ministry and mission. 

What are GROWgroups?

God did not design us to be alone.  GROWgroups:

  • Bring us together to connect, and grow in God’s word.
  • Strengthen our church as we develop deep, meaningful relationships with each other.
  • Help as we encourage and comfort each other during life’s struggles.
  • Encourages accountability for you through encouragement from fellow members.
  • Bless us as we bless others who have not formed connections at Trinity Klein.
  • Enhance our social friendships—doesn’t replace them.
  • Meet on Sundays 9:50 AM, Wednesdays 6:00 PM, throughout the week during the day/night.