Worship - Fall 2018 GROWgroup

Together is Better

The Fall 2018 GROWgroup campaign focuses on Worship, one of our discipleship strategies (Worship-Grow-Serve-Go).  Worship is more than a style or a 1-hour service on Sundays. It is a response to God and His power, grace, mercy, and majesty.  Worship is not a noun – it’s a verb – what we do daily.  Does your life reflect one of daily worship?  Explore God’s call to worship and how it should be expressed in our lives.

The 6-week series starts September 16 and runs through October 21.  The weekly topics include:

Week 1 | Defined
Week 2 | Mindset
Week 3 | Set Apart
Week 4 | Face to Face
Week 5 | With Abandon
Week 6 | Cost

A new feature is a daily devotion.  This 30-second devotion is based on Psalms and is a step towards daily meditation and worship of God’s word.

What are GROWgroups?

God did not design us to be alone.  GROWgroups:

  • Bring us together to connect, and grow in God’s word.
  • Strengthen our church as we develop deep, meaningful relationships with each other.
  • Help as we encourage and comfort each other during life’s struggles.
  • Encourages accountability for you through encouragement from fellow members.
  • Bless us as we bless others who have not formed connections at Trinity Klein.
  • Enhance our social friendships—doesn’t replace them.
  • Meet on Sundays 9:50 AM, Wednesdays 6:00 PM, throughout the week during the day/night.

Worship Session 1 | Defined

Worship Session 2 | Mindset

Worship Session 3 | Set Apart

Worship Session 4 | Face to Face

Worship Session 5 | With Abandon

Worship Session 6 | Cost