Love Thy Neighbor

September 15 - October 20

Whenever we talk about sharing our faith so many Christians become nervous.  We’re often not sure what that means or what exactly we’re supposed to say.  In our series Love Thy Neighbor, we will be exploring how we can share the hope of Jesus Christ.  But, this is not your regular evangelism study.  Rather, this is a study on apologetics–the art and science of defending our faith.  Throughout this series, you will discover ways to engage meaningful questions that people are asking and to answer them from a Christian worldview.  This, in turn, gives us a chance to share the hope we have in Christ Jesus.

What are GROW groups?

God did not design us to be alone.  Grow Groups:

  • Bring us together to connect, and grow in God’s word.
  • Strengthen our church as we develop deep, meaningful relationships with each other.
  • Help as we encourage and comfort each other during life’s struggles.
  • Encourages accountability for you through encouragement from fellow members.
  • Bless us as we bless others who have not formed connections at Trinity Klein.
  • Enhance our social friendships—doesn’t replace them.
  • Meet on Sundays at 9:50 AM, Wednesdays at 6:00 PM, throughout the week during the day or night.