Middle School

Middle School


Age: Five years-old as of Sept. 1

Hours: Monday-Friday 8 a.m. – 3 p.m.

Our Kindergarten classes provide children with the opportunity to develop a love for learning and discover their individual and unique gifts and talents. It is a formative year of academic and social growth and development that establishes a firm and solid foundation for future academic endeavors.

  • Comprehensive language arts program: phonics, reading and writing strategies, sight recognition, reading comprehension, handwriting development and quality literature.
  • Writing skill development.
  • Home readers accelerate the progression of reading and writing skills.
  • Hands on math instruction: number recognition and values, patterns, sorting, shapes, counting, problem solving, comparisons, weights and measurements, and addition and subtraction.
  • Science and social studies are taught across the curriculum.
  • Weekly Spanish, P.E., Music and Art instruction.
  • Technology instruction.
  • Faith development through daily Bible lessons and weekly Chapel services.
  • A degreed teacher leads each class with the help of a part time assistant.

Kindergarten Teachers

Kindergarten Aides

Lindsey Colburn
Patrice Rodriguez