Middle School

Middle School



For over 140 years, Trinity Klein Lutheran School has been providing the community with quality Christian education.  Students receive daily Christian instruction, which provides them with the tools that enable them to make appropriate choices.  Our goal is to empower students in their faith development and to apply God’s Word to their daily living. A professional staff of trained Christian educators and parental involvement make it possible to realize our school’s mission.  Core subjects, including Religion, Language Arts, Math, Social Studies, and Science are taught on a daily basis, with multiple opportunities for recess.  Spanish, Art, Music, and PE are also part of the curriculum. Technology is integrated into instruction at all age levels and provides the students with hands-on experience and opportunities to advance their personal technological skills.


At the elementary level, the arts play an important role in education.  Studies show that involvement in the arts helps children succeed in areas such as math, reading, cognitive ability, critical thinking, and verbal skills.  It can improve motivation, confidence and add fun to the classroom!

Physical Education

Because research continues to show that physical activity enables better ability to focus and attend to tasks in the classroom, students in the elementary years do have recess periods worked into their day.

Christian Education

At Trinity Klein we strive to build a strong faith life founded in Jesus Christ.  Through study of Bible stories, memory verses, weekly chapels, service projects and a annual Christmas program which retells the events of Christ’s birth every child learns what it means to be a follower of Jesus.

On Campus Programs

Trinity offers a wide variety of supplementary programs to enhance academic success and social development.  Programs include Computer Club, Accelerated Reader, and  the Private Schools Interscholastic Association competition.