Middle School

Middle School


Middle School Academics

Grades 6-8

Trinity’s dedication to academic excellence has been well documented and recognized over the years.  Trinity was named an Exemplary Accredited School by the NLSA and a Blue Ribbon School by the US Dept. of Education. Students consistently rank in the top 10% of the nation based on achievement test norms. Qualified instructors teach all core subjects, including Religion, Language Arts, Math, Social Studies, and Science. PE is required for all middle school students. The Fine Arts are also encouraged and celebrated at Trinity. Many students enjoy the opportunity to share their artistic gifts via band, choir, and art classes. Students also have the option to hone their leadership skills via Student Leadership classes and National Junior Honor Society.

Advanced Credit Courses

High School Credit

Students have the opportunity to take a variety of classes (both core and elective) that earn high school credits while they are in middle school.  HS credit classes have included: Algebra I, Geometry I, Spanish I, HS Art I, HS Touch Systems Data Entry, HS Desktop Publishing, HS Communication Applications, HS Health. (Prerequisites or teacher recommendations may be required.)

Additional On Campus Programs

Trinity offers a wide variety of supplementary programs to enhance academic success and social development. Many of our students participate in academic competitions to provide opportunities for challenge, achievement, and recognition for their exceptional God-given gifts. Programs include: Computer Club, Academic Quest, Accelerated Reader, National Spelling, History, and Geography Bees, and the Private Schools Interscholastic Association competition.