Middle School

Middle School




The Cherubim Choir (grades 3-4) is an extracurricular choir that focuses on developing students vocal skills using age appropriate songs.  Our Cherubim Choir gets our students off to a great musical start!

The Seraphim Choir (grades 5-8) is a performance choir that travels throughout our local community and performs here at Trinity in chapel and worship services.  The choir also participates in an annual adjudicated music festival.

Instructor: Dr. Brusick
Pupils in grades five through eight have the opportunity to sing in the Seraphim Choir. This choir occasionally sings for worship services and school chapels at Trinity. A factor to take into account when considering this elective is that participation in all scheduled events, such as worship services, concerts and community performances is required.* Please consider this if you are not a member of Trinity Lutheran Church.

*Each year the choir performs in the annual Klein Deutschfest at one of the Klein High Schools, the Neudorf Christmas Concert in Tomball, as well as a Christmas concert and a spring concert held at Trinity Lutheran Church. In the spring, the choir also performs annually for a local adjudicated music festival. Students receive grades for choir, which are based upon rehearsals, written quizzes, singing exams and attendance at required performances. Performance attire is provided by the school each year but students are responsible for their proper upkeep and must return the clothes at the end of the year in order to receive their final grade.


Trinity Band Ensemble (grades 5-8) is a performing environment that challenges student musicians at every level. Students learn to master characteristic tone production, rhythmic patterns, articulations, dictation, and sight-reading.

Students are introduced to compositions representing a broad spectrum of worldwide idioms and styles, including music theory and underlying principles of composition. Students perform throughout the year with Holiday Concert and Spring Music Festivals.

Instructor: Mr. Held
Students in grades 5-8 will have the opportunity to take instrumental band. The curriculum will include music theory, rhythm, dictation, sight-reading, and memory skills. The students will take part yearly in two campus concerts, music festival contests, and solo competition. Individual weekly lessons, with an instrumental specialist, will be strongly encouraged. Students receive grades for band that are based upon rehearsal participation, home practice assignments, and attendance at sectionals/performances.



Explore and recreate the beauty and wonder of God’s creation, the unique aspects of contemporary and modern art, and discover the richness that art has brought to culture and society.

ART I (5th)
Instructor: Mrs. Ehrhardt/Mr. Holman
In this beginning level art class we will be learning the basics of art technique and design. We will work in many mediums such as colored pencil, paint, and watercolor. The class will focus on color blending, shading, composition, and rendering.

ART II (6th)
Instructor: Mr. Holman
In this class, students will build on skills introduced in Art I, such as rendering, value, shading, composition, and construction of media. Students will work in mediums of pencil, plaster, clay, colored pencil, cut paper, and watercolor. The primary projects in this class are a clay slab pot and a freestanding plaster and wire sculpture. (This class serves as a Pre-requisite for High School Art)

ART III (7th  or  8thgraders who did not take Art  in 6th grade )
Instructor: Mr. Holman
These courses are meant to continue building on basic art fundamentals of composition, design, and technique. As the various media of pencil, ink, paint, and watercolor are utilized, specific techniques in each media are taught per project. Design elements will also be discussed with each topic covered such as still life, acrylic painting, self-portraiture and abstraction. (This class serves as a Pre-requisite for High School Art)

Student Artwork


Work on stage and perform for a variety of audiences!  In drama students will learn aspects of stage work, design, sound, and theater history. The drama class produces two unique performances each year.

DRAMA PRODUCTION (7th- 8th Grade)
Instructor: Mrs. Bransky / scheduling availability
Prerequisite: teacher approval
For students who want to work on stage and perform for various audiences on campus. Students will learn aspects of stage work, design, sound, and theater history. The class will perform one production and participate in the annual Christmas program during 1st Semester and perform one general production (Drama Night) for 2nd Semester. Outside time commitment is required.