New Session

Begins August 3, 2021

Trinity Klein is offering a new 13-week session of GriefShare on Tuesdays, beginning August 3, 2021, at 6:45pm CT. This session is on campus/in person only. The cost is $15 for the workbook. Please register using the button below. For more information or questions, please contact Jean Smith.

GriefShare Support Groups

After the funeral, when the cards and flowers have stopped coming, most people around you return to their normal lives. But your grief continues and you feel alone.

Often, friends and family want to help you, but don’t know how. That’s the reason for GriefShare. Our group is led by caring people who have experienced grief and have successfully rebuilt their lives. We understand how you feel because we’ve been in the same place. We will walk with you on the long path through grief toward healing and hope for the future.

The program is nondenominational and features biblical concepts for healing from your grief.

Hope When Your Heart Breaks

Loss hurts.

Whether you have lost a job, a dream, a friendship, or a loved one, you mourn. You might mourn for a few weeks, or your grief may extend for years. Sadness seems to build a permanent residence in your bones, weighing down your soul. You wonder if you’ll ever feel whole again.

Then—hope. God plunges into your heartbreak and works abiding and holy transformation in your life. It may take months or years for you to heal, but you can ground your hope for healing in Jesus. He will always be your hope when your heart breaks.

Order you copy of “Hope When Your Heart Breaks” by Pastor Michael Newman.