Crew Student Ministries

A Life Wholly Influenced By Jesus

Here at Crew Student Ministry we believe that every student should be equipped for a life wholly influenced by Jesus Christ. We invite every student who desires that kind of relationship to join us. What does that look like? We gather together to meet God in worship, we come to know God as we grow together in His Word, we love Him as we serve alongside one another, and we share about the love of Christ as we go together into this world. Join us as we gear up for lives of discipleship so that we can better serve and proclaim the name of Christ to the Klein community and wherever God takes us in our lives.

Volunteer with our Crew Team

We are so grateful for the many volunteers that help to make a difference in the lives of our students and families each week. Both adults and students are invited to find a place to serve here at Crew. Some join us as small group leaders, some assist with check-in at each event, some help us by simply being an extra set of eyes, and some even help pass out snacks. It takes a community of disciples joining in life together to equip one another for lives wholly influenced by Jesus. We would love to have you join us on that journey.