Make Your Banner

Banners are a project for students and parents to work on together. Students will need a little bit of help with enlarging patterns, transferring them to felt and cutting them out, gluing the pieces to the banner, and arranging the letters.

  1. This is where the confirmation verse is first used: on the banner. If the verse is long, it will be necessary to shorten appropriately. For instance, if the verse selected is Luke 24:36: “As they were talking about these things, Jesus himself stood among them, and said to them, “Peace be with you!” it would be appropriate to shorten to “Peace be with you” for display on the banner.
  2. We have many banner patterns to view and use. You can find them below. Students don’t have to use these patterns. Some may prefer to draw their own or may find something else on the internet. Most likely, the patterns will need to be enlarged to fill the space on the 18” x 36” banner.
  3. The verse and student’s name will be displayed with 2” white felt letters. Book, chapter, and verse should be included (example: Luke 26:36). Students can decide whether or not they want first name only, full name, first and last names, or first name and first initial of last name.
  4. Supplies we provide: the blue felt background or “banner blank” (already hemmed and trimmed with gold fringe). We also provide the dowel and gold rope for hanging the banner, which will be added when the completed banner is turned in.
  5. Supplies you will need to purchase: 2” white felt letters, colored felt, fabrics, and trim for the design, and fabric glue (Sobo or Tacky, for example). Even though the white letters come with a peel-off sticky back, you must peel off the paper and put glue on the sticky part. The letters won’t stick and stay in place with just their own glue. Please try to incorporate a little bit of gold in your design somewhere. All of these items can be found at Hobby Lobby, Michael’s, Walmart, any craft store, or online.

For questions regarding Confirmation Banners, please contact Allison Ostermann at